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By Shawn Hilton and Toni Force

A debut novel that will pull at your heart. A new romance that will sink it's teeth in you.

In the first novel of the Dark Dreams series, Fire and Ice, you meet Scott and Armida, two people who feel real in their not so fantastic preternatural lives.

Scott: 20 years ago he was sure that he had found the perfect love that everyone, man or women, in the world looks for, then it slipped through his fingers as she ran on very cold feet. It has made him angry. It has made him cold in his rage. 

Armida: She had found the perfect man. He was everything she ever wanted or needed, no matter that her family did not like him as much as she had hoped. Then he changed and became so different that she was scared of losing everything she was to his very dominant heart. No matter how much heat she brought to the table, the fear of the dark and unknown would not leave her. 

20 years have passed and the world has moved on, they had moved on. But sometimes the world knows you have to look back and understand the past, before the future can be lived.

Fire and Ice, this new Supernatural Romance, is set in a world that is changing, with political moves that seek to make slaves of the very independent and strong Shapeshifters, A world divided by the need for dominance and control. Based in the beautiful landscape of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Join the people who have already discovered the Michigan Shapeshifters. Shawn Hilton and Toni Force bring you a world filled with love, friendship, pain and political backstabbing that will catch the imagination and show you that just because you think someone is different then you, doesn't mean they are. Aimed at young adults to older readers, it has something for everyone.

Fire and Ice is already proving its value with sales. This book will have you wanting more and actually asking for it for Christmas. Toni Force, born and raised in Michigan and Shawn Hilton, a retired soldier from the east coast, bring a plethora of life experience into their writing that builds a world that not only feels real and entertaining, but holds you with the fantastic and grabs the imagination.

Get your copy of Fire and Ice now available from Amazon Books in both Paperback and Ebook for Kindle. You won't want to miss the romance, you wont want to miss the adventure, and most of all you wont want to miss the pleasure.

Things other readers have said about Fire and Ice:

"If you like shifters then "Fire and Ice" is the book you have to read." Iliana Goodreads

"really interesting and can't wait for more." Tracy Paige Author of Rayne Zuri Files

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About the Authors:

Shawn Hilton joined the U.S. Army young and began writing as a way to entertain his mind. All his stories have romance in some form or another (even when it is a lunatic vampire who thinks sleeping in his victim's blood is enjoyable.). He likes his characters to have a thread of reality to them. Maybe their actions are fantastic and can stretch the imagination, their personalities, their reasons for their anger or other emotions all have to feel real to him and his readers. He was born in Washington D.C. but was raised all through the states of Maryland and Virgnia. He has lived in Germany and Egypt, and has traveled through Europe and looks forward to more for both research and pleasure. Currently living in Germany where he is close to his three children who always with out fail are close to his heart. He has worked as a soldier, a paramedic, and nurse, as well as in a warehouse as a everything from stock boy, to floor manager, and he tries to bring that feel of harsh reality and life lived into everything he writes. 

Toni Force has always enjoyed reading a variety of genres as long as the story is good. Romances however, have always been her favorites followed closely by fantasy or paranormal stories. Combine the two elements and she will re-read a story. She hopes the stories she writes will encourage the readers to re-read the story just because they enjoyed the ride the first time. Toni wrote her first book in the third grade, winning a spot in a young authors convention in her area. In later years, one of her poems was published in her community college newspaper. It wasn't until she was pregnant for her youngest child that her husband first encouraged her to write after he read a short story she wrote for her son . Currently, she is living in Michigan with her husband and two children.