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When will book 2 of Dark Dreams be out?

I was asked the other day when Book 2 would be release from the Dark Dreams series and the Answer is not until after January at least. We have several Novellas, and at least two other books that will be coming out before it is ready for release. 

Fire and Ice has been up for sale for over a month and a half now, and despite my claims and personal belief that I am a God. I have not as of yet mastered the art of typing a book a day. But it is moving along. But much like Tv and movies, it will have to wait it's turn. The reasons for that are two fold, first like allot of Authors as Toni and I start to write on something, it depends which story is jumping up and down on our brains, and screaming in our ears that it needs to be told. 

Second and this is the reason that even I hate has to be a reason. We are trying to build a career which attempting to make enough money from entertaining you, just to live off of. This means we have to write and get ready for sale things that will attract you and more people into wanting to read it. Then there is the formatting, there is the editing, the proof reading. So as time rolls on we are getting several things into the various stages. Now while Fire and Ice has sold well, we are not Stephen King, or J.K Rowling we do not make enough off the sales of just one book to say, Yep i can pay my bills. So we have to keep working on books and novellas and so on, which means that Book 2 is in the line, and the line is moving.

Want to help? here is how Go to Goodreads. If you have read and rated the book. Write a review, tell me and Toni what you liked. Do on Amazon where you bought the book. Because we cannot know what you like and what you don't like unless you tell us.

Love always
Fire and Ice 

Shawn Hilton