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Big changes coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Roses Entertainment is Happy to announce this weekends release of Broken. The second In between Novella of the Dark Dreams series by Shawn Hilton and Toni Force. Broken again takes you back into the world of the Michigan Shapers, and wets the appetite that some of you have built up for more. Like with Mine it followers a secondary character of the series to give you a chance to learn more about them, and the world as a whole. In this case Savannah Grey Aka. Sarah. Akala's younger sister thought dead at his hands for so long. So once again, welcome to the Michigan Shapers.

Company wise our C.O.O will be offline for the next few weeks as he moves into his new apartment and tries to get his life rebuilt after as rough year. We all wish him a speedy return. When he does return he will be relaunching the company website with some massive changes and updates. The company is also going into a direction that will make it easier to bring you more literary entertainment. 

In a number of fields and from more great new authors. Since the main website will be down, you be getting your news and updates from Facebook athttps://www.facebook.com/DarkRosesEntertainment our Twitter at @DarkrosesENT, Shawn and Toni's Pinterest as well as both of their Goodreads profiles which you can find here. 



We thank all of you who can honestly call yourselves fans, because you have already done so much, and we hope that you will not begrudge us asking a little more. We are looking for Reviewers to read the books and write reviews for them on goodreads and Amazon. For more info send an Email to DarkRosesENT@Gmail.com 

In the coming weeks there will be alot mroe announcements leading up to some major and really good changes in the company setup and structure. We look forward to entertaining you completely.