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New Release Broken on sale now

For sale today: From Dark Roses Entertainment and Amazon books 

Love is a game, some win, some lose, and some never really get to play. Savannah always sad, always alone, and no one every really knows why. She seems to have it all. Her brother is the Adolphus and leader of the wolf pack. Her best friends are two of the strongest in the pack and still not in the hierarchy, even if one of them has no clue just how strong she is yet. But none of them know, none of them understand, how in the game of love she would have the best hand ever, if it were not for the queen of broken hearts.

Welcome to the world of the Michigan Shapers. Enjoy the ride as they fight for their rights in a world where Vampires are more accepted than they are.

Love in a world where finding a mate could be a death sentence, and that is just a typical Monday.

Where can you get it?
Amazon Ebook : Http://myBook.to/Brokenebook

As the day goes on and more sales links for the Paperback, go up we will be adding them. The link above is the universal link for the Amazon Ebook. So you can now find them on the amazon for your country and pay in your own currency. Get your copy now.